How to Build Your Own Home Gym

Portability with Functionality

The portability and functionality of having your own home fitness gear allows you to have control over your fitness routine. Forget about expensive gym memberships and having to commute to the gym! Starting a home gym is a cost-effective solution; here we will walk through how you can start building a home gym.

Resistance = Strength

For starters work through what equipment you will need to target all areas of the body. Resistance tubes are a great addition to a home gym. They can be used for compound exercises and are easy to store away. Resistance tubes come in a variety of levels (light, medium, heavy); so you will have options to adjust as your fitness level changes. 

Resistance Products


Along with resistance tubes, you may try resistance straps and loops. All work by providing tension as you exercise with the product but work differently in the material; as various materials allow for a greater range of motion. For instance, with straps, you are free to enjoy various yoga poses and practice flexibility. The length of resistance straps makes it suitable for stretching, pilates, and yoga; whereas the handles and durability of the tubes make it more suitable for toning and muscle strengthening. You may also choose to include booty bands in your routine to target and firm up the glutes. Booty bands are also great for a muscle pump during your warmup session on leg days. Speaking of leg days, invest in ankle/wrist weights to work out your legs! 

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Workout Plan to Get Shredded from Home


Getting a beach body is easy in theory but does require discipline. While we can't give you a magic antidote for finding said discipline, we can share what you can do to get shredded. Firstly, you have to burn off body fat for muscles to show through. Follow a diet of lean proteins and enough clean carbohydrates to fuel you throughout the day. There are great apps to utilize and track your macronutrients. Next, look into reserving days for cardio sessions. Ropes are great for cardio and shedding fat. You may also pair a waist trimmer along with your cardio session. The compression of the waist trimmer hugs your body to increase body temperature and shed extra water weight. Another trick to burn extra fat during cardio is to hold light free weights during cardio exercises. Try holding onto 2 LB free weights during your next HIIT workout and feel the added arm burn!

So we have tackled cardio and resistance products. What's next? Let's tackle how we can achieve sculpted abs at home. The ab-wheel and push-up bars are both excellent solutions to working out the core at the ease and comfort of home. These products can also be disassembled for easy storage.

And there you have it, with just resistance products, free weights, ankle/wrist weights, ropes, an ab wheel, and push-up bars you have all the equipment at the comfort of your home for a full-body workout.


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